PINE Freedom Plan 1125 2020

By Ember McElrath

A junior athlete at Battiest High School, Brady Billingsley is already proving to be a leader.

“Good character means everything to me,” said Brady. “Having everyone know that my team and I are good, generous players that love the game of baseball is amazing.”

Playing basketball and baseball as well as being a member of the Indian Student Association keeps Billingsley pretty busy.

When feeling the pressure of the demands of school and sports, he doesn’t waste time dwelling on the bad stuff.

“When times get tough I think about what I can do to make things better,” said Brady.

For Brady baseball is not just a sport.

“For me, baseball is a passion. I love to be able to play with my teammates and compete,” Brady said.

Starting in T-ball, Billingsley gained a love for the game that continues to inspire his play today.

“Baseball is my favorite sport because you get to get down and get dirty just in time to stop a ball and get an out,” Brady said.

Having his peers and younger kids look up to him is something he does not take lightly.

“When or if people look up to me, I think of it as a reward because people looking up to me makes me feel like I am doing something successfully,” said Brady.

His biggest supporter and inspiration is his wonderful dad.

“My dad has always been there for me during baseball and ever since I was younger he has always worked with me to get better and achieve my goals,” Brady said.

In his free time he enjoys playing video games, swimming, fishing, and spending time with his friends.

After high school Brady plans to attend college, play baseball, and major in electrical engineering.

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