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Photo courtesy Vickie Tincher @vypelady

Almost since she was old enough to walk, Ashton Grogan has been picking up a ball and glove preparing for her chance to continue a family tradition of winning state championships as part of the Red Oak Eagles sports team. After all, Grogans proudly wear a combined total of 12 state champion rings. “My sister Kalyn has six, my brother Dewayne has five and so far I’ve got one,” replied the energetic junior outfielder for the Lady Eagles softball program. “But if I can do anything about it, I’ll help win some more.”

With power at the plate and speed to rob opponents of potential hits with her glove in left field, Grogan thrives on the big moment opportunities to be a game changer. “Just like winning the rings, playing left field is a family tradition,” explained Grogan noting her siblings played the same position in softball and baseball. “I love to make those diving catches as well as the thrill of throwing out runners at home plate.”

If Ashton sounds like she’s confident and determined to make a difference, you’d be right. Just ask her coach, Casey Butcher who defined Grogan’s efforts as the Grogan family DNA. “She’s a tough, hard-nosed kid who leads by example every day, all day,” replied the Lady Eagles head coach. “In addition to making a big play, Ashton does those little things that you don’t notice in the numbers but that definitely make the difference in wins and losses day in and day out. If I want something done, I’ll call her name first every time.”

Ashton’s beliefs about success are simple. “If you really want something, you have to work for it by putting in extra time on your own when no one else is there to make you do it,” said Grogan who takes pride in wearing jersey number 13 while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and membership in the National Honor Society. “Success is earned and for me that includes taking constructive criticism because you can always be better whether that’s in sports, in the classroom and in life. Like my dad always says, be the best and never give up on something you want until you get it.”

If past history is the best way to predict future results, Ashton Grogan will never give up until she and her teammates win another state championship ring.

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