Stuteville Atoka 1125 

During the year 2020 and the endless changes to things that once seemed normal, everyday experiences continue to be altered forcing change whether we want to or not. But for Noah Sherrill of Atoka, life during the pandemic has brought about opportunities to walk his talk. “The best advice I can follow is to never take anything for granted because you never know if it will be your last time,” said Sherrill with heartfelt confidence. “Just slow down and live my life grateful for all that I have.

A member of the Wampus Cats football and baseball teams where he’s commonly called “No-No” by friends; Sherrill accepts the opportunity to be a difference maker on the field and in everyday life.

“I would define a hometown hero as someone who is known for going above and beyond,” explained Sherrill in a humble voice. “It’s someone like Jeff Sewell, a former Oklahoma High Patrol captain who is someone when people mention his name knew he would always be there to help in anyway. That’s my hometown hero.”

Nominated by his coaches as a young person who works hard and always does what he’s supposed to do, Sherrill explains his outlook to everyday in three meaningful words.

“Three words that describe me the best would be outgoing, funny and Christian,” explained Sherrill who plays tight end on the football team as well as taking his bumps and bruises behind the plate as catcher in baseball. “The most important of these is Christian because we are only here for a little while and my purpose here is to share God’s word.”

Sherrill credits the influence of family life by example for setting his standard of expectations for himself. “My parents are my inspiration. They are really caring people and do a lot for me as well as others,” he said with emotion. “I never want to lose their trust and always want to try to do the right thing.”

While posting a 3.9 GPA and a love for math, Sherrill hopes to play college baseball before pursuing a career with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. 
He enjoys free time on his smartphone app Madden Mobile while reaching out to friends through Snapchat. Actively involved with Special Olympics, Cats for Christ and his youth group at church, Sherrill shares a heart of service to others as a leader in missions.

“I’ve known I wanted to do mission work since I was old enough to know what it meant. About two years ago I got called into a mission group called “Oh Yeah Missions” and we started doing a lot of local work,” said Sherrill. “We decided after our group grew that it was time to go somewhere and spread God’s word. A couple months before we were supposed to leave it got canceled due to Covid 19. This was really upsetting but to be mad about it was going against what we believe. God always has a reason for everything. I’ll be ready for whatever God calls me to next.”

With an approach of WE before me, Noah Sherrill exemplifies the values and influence of being a Hometown Hero.

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