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Kaylee Waller

McAlester High School

OH, when those Buffaloes all fall in line,

We’re gonna win this game another time. 

We’re gonna cheer those boys we’ll yell and yell

For dear old MHS, we’ll yell and yell…

While her favorite music types may be country and rap, Kaylee Waller can always be heard shouting the lyrics to the McAlester High School fight song as she is constantly displaying pride in her school.

“To me being a McAlester Buffalo means showing pride in my school, having integrity, and standing up for what is right,” said the 2021 senior, “NEVER give up and show the other teams who is boss!”

With a constant smile and never ending energy, Waller’s excitement is a contagious spirit.

“It’s hard to not watch her consistently during a performance because of her contagious smile,” said Jarah Atkins, McAlester High School cheer coach. “Kaylee is a great asset to Buffalo nation.”

Since getting her start as a cheerleader six years ago, Waller has been “all-in” to best the best she could be.

“To become successful as a cheerleader I use it to take extra lessons to be sure to keep improving as much as possible,” replied Waller. “As a team we must be positive and have spirit 24/7. The best advice that someone has ever gave me is that a good work ethic and a pretty smile can take you far in life.”

Perhaps that confirms how Waller defines herself.

“If I had to describe myself in three words they would be ditzy, bubbly & kind,” Waller said with a wink of the eye. “The one that is most important to me is kind, because you never know when someone is having a bad day and showing someone kindness could change their whole mood and it’s also important to me, because I would never want to be known as a hateful person.” 

Waller’s kindness is just another reason that Atkins has praise for the senior cheerleader.

“Kaylee has been a great role model for our team and continues to strive to bring new ideas to our team,” notes the cheer coach whose squad is always on the sidelines cheering for the Buffaloes.

While noting her favorite “class” at school is lunch, Waller is using her final year in high school to prepare for the future.

“I am currently involved in an internship at McAlester Regional Hospital to help prepare me for college and my dream job of becoming a speech pathologist,” said Waller. 

But until graduation day comes next May, you can expect to hear Kaylee Waller proudly say…

We’re gonna fight, fight, fight for every score. 

We’ll turn our backs against the other side. 

We’re gonna throw those (Lions) in the dirt make it hurt! 

Rah, Rah, Ra-a-ah!

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